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Process and Timeline

Step 1 - Online Booking

At, we guide you seamlessly through our intuitive online booking process for your initial projects. Once familiar, our automated platform allows for easy project detail input, payment, and scheduling on our fieldwork calendar. We're committed to ensuring a smooth, efficient experience for every client.

Step 2 - Fieldwork

For properties under 6,000 square feet, completes fieldwork in 2 hours, requiring full access to all areas. For larger homes exceeding 6,000 square feet, our team spends a minimum of 3 hours, depending on the property's complexity. Ensure all spaces, including basements and outdoor areas, are accessible for accurate assessments.

luxury home with lidar scanner

Step 3 - Virtual Tour

Within 5-7 business days post-fieldwork, creates a customized project portal featuring your company's branding. This professional dashboard houses an interactive virtual tour of the property, allowing an in-depth exploration of its features. A sample tour will be provided for clarity.

Pkad Design 2023

Step 4 - Rough Drafting

Post-fieldwork, transforms the LiDAR scan into a BIM model or CAD file. For standard properties under 4,000 sq feet, the drafting is completed within 7-10 business days. Luxury and historical properties, with their intricate details, may require an extended timeline due to their complexity.

CAD Image for Step 4
Revit image for step 4

Step 5 - Quality Review

Every draft at undergoes a thorough quality review by our experienced in-house architect. This isn't just a quick check; it's a comprehensive assessment ensuring precision, accuracy, and attention to every detail, from structural integrity to design aesthetics.

Quality review stock image for step 5

Step 6 - Release AutoDesk Viewer

At, we want you to have a say in the process. That's why, as part of our comprehensive service, we provide you with an on-line Autodesk viewer, that allows you to interact with your plans in a dynamic and immersive environment during your initial review process of our work.

Autodesk review for step 6
AutoDesk image for Step 6

Step 7 - Approval and Release

Upon your nod, the high-quality final BIM model or CAD file is immediately dispatched to your office, upholding our commitment to excellence and timely delivery.  We remain at the ready to tweak, change or provide verification of the content as you move into your own design process.  We have a tremendous amount of content on your project.  If you need something, then just ask.

BIM 3D image for Step 7
Front Elevation BIM for Step 7
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