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12,000 sq foot Sagaponack house:  Reality capture to Revit Model

Luxury and Historic Properties

Dune Road Home

A strategic investment

Ultimately, integrating Lidar scanning in these sectors is not just a cost-effective measure; it's a strategic investment in your company.  A firm specializing in these markets needs the best for their decerning clientele.  In our experience, many boutique firms specializing in this market have a pressing need to stay focused on their core competencies and provide a first-rate client experience, and spending days manually documenting a luxury home is a time-crushing activity.   Measuring complicated large-scale 8 – 12,000+ sq foot homes by traditional methods is a daunting task by any standard, and the time it would take a boutique firm with typical staffing is a burn of effort that can be efficiently shifted to other mission-critical activities.  

We are very sensitive to the effort it takes to navigate this market successfully.  We would be very happy to put you in touch with any number of principles to other boutique firms we have repeatedly delivered successfully to over the years.

Talk to your peers about us…We welcome the inspection.

Lidar Scanning: Merging Precision with Heritage in Luxury and Historical Properties

Adopting Lidar scanning technology for capturing existing conditions in luxury homes or historical properties is nothing short of a professional breakthrough. Lidar scanning empowers you to work with unprecedented precision and efficiency, essential in preserving the unique charm of historical properties or realizing the grandeur of luxury homes. It enables you to delve deep into the intricate details of historical architecture while ensuring every modern amenity is seamlessly integrated into luxury homes. This technology enhances your design capabilities and allows you to deliver projects more quickly and cost-effectively, delighting clients and preserving architectural heritage. Lidar scanning is a tool that empowers you to create timeless and opulent spaces while respecting the historical significance of properties, making it an indispensable asset in the arsenal of any architect working in the luxury or historical preservation niche.

Luxury Ocean Property
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Lidar Scanning: Elevating Precision in Luxury and Historical Property Development

The application of Lidar scanning to capture existing conditions in luxury homes and historical properties represents a game-changing strategy for optimizing cost efficiency, accelerating project timelines, and maximizing returns. Precision and attention to detail are paramount in these high-value real estate segments. Lidar scanning eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming manual surveys while ensuring unparalleled accuracy. It allows historic preservation and restoration projects to proceed with unmatched precision, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and delays. 

Ultimately, integrating Lidar scanning in these sectors is not just a cost-effective measure; it's a strategic investment into your company that enhances the value of luxury properties and preserves the historical integrity of iconic structures.

Lidar Scanner
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