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Is This Right For Me?

In a fiercely competitive market, where inflation, rising costs, and the unpredictability of homeowner preferences continually reshape the landscape, navigating the residential architectural industry has become more challenging than ever before.  Amidst these challenges, the decision to employ an outsourced Lidar scanning company becomes more than just a consideration—it's a strategic necessity.
Is it right for you and your firm is the question?
We’d ask that you evaluate the facts and decide for yourself if they make sense.


Outsourcing will Improve Your Architectural Workflow

By availing yourself of our Lidar scanning services, you're not just obtaining a precise property scan but also freeing up your architectural team. By eliminating hours of less accurate manual work, an architect and their team can redirect their focus to more critical aspects of the design process.  We all know that client handholding is a necessity, and providing robust client experience cuts the crowd, but it takes time.  Small to mid-sized residential architectural firms need to manage their man hours efficiently, and as such, our suggestion, and what we found in our practice, is to stay focused on mission-critical tasks where your skill sets are put on display.  

We’d love to put you in touch with some of our clients who have found this out for themselves

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Property Size Doesn't Dictate Necessity: Cost Does

A common misconception is that Lidar scanning is reserved for sprawling estates, like a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Amagansett. However, the reality is quite the contrary. Our Lidar scanning services cater to properties of all sizes, including the 2,000 – 3,000 sq ft homes built during the post-World War 2 boom.  Of course, the luxury or historical property screams for a lidar scan but our pricing structure makes what was traditionally costly service attainable to the firm servicing the high density, tract build homes found throughout the region.

“I’m waiting for the right project” is something we hear regularly.  Our answer is that every project is the right project, and we’d love to help you understand why.   Book an appointment now.

2600 sq foot house.  Reality capture to Revit Model delivered in 5 business days

Site Visits are Imperative.  We agree, but without the Lidar Advantage, you are burning valuable time and could be missing important details.

As much of the post-WW2 house stock nears its 70th year, it's crucial to capture their intricate details. Over the decades, subtle modifications can accumulate, often going unnoticed during standard property walkthroughs. Overlooking these changes can derail construction or renovation projects, leading to prolonged timelines and escalating expenses.   Lidar scanning will identify the out-of-plumb walls, sags in the floor package, ceiling height differentials, or other common odd ball site conditions instantly.  


  • Wouldn’t you like to uncover these potential hidden deficiencies inside the first few steps of a new client engagement?  

  • Wouldn’t it make sense to visit the site after you are armed with this valuable information that we’ll find for you during initial discovery?  


Have a directed agenda in hand where you can most effectively put your skill sets to use. 

You’ll look like a hero to your client and that sets a positive tone for the rest of the project. 
We have example after example that we’d love to share with you over a cup of coffee…you have nothing to lose.

I operate a small firm, and I must do it all myself in order to have control.

We understand your position because we were in your shoes.  We had reservations about turning some control over to a 3rd party when it came to surveyors, expeditors, new engineers, or new staff to put into the field.  Will they show up, will they deliver, will they throw a monkey wrench into this process and blow up this client engagement that I’ve worked so hard to cultivate?

This is a tough fear to overcome.  

If you are satisfied with your annual volume or the time that you spend on a project then maybe we are not a match and we are fine with that.  Hang onto our information as maybe life changes as it often does.

However, if you are a single professional or a small to medium staffed-sized firm and committed to a growth mode then you can’t pass this by as we simply offer too much…if you’ll take the time to evaluate the offer.   There are precious few spots in the architectural process that avail itself of a system-based procedure that has limited variables.  Modeling existing conditions is one of those spots.  Leverage our knowledge, hardware, time, and unique deliverables to grow your firm, and improve your revenue and your client experience.

Kick our tires hard.  We welcome the inspection because after 20 years we know you’ll like what you find.  Give us a ring to schedule a casual conversation or ask to speak with some of our clients and ask them as many questions in private as you’d like peer-to-peer.  Click here….we’ll set it up for you.

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