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Precise Lidar Scan-to-Plan Solutions

Architects Helping Architects

Cutting Costs, Trimming Timelines, & Maximizing Returns

Field capture to a working BIM model or CAD file within weeks.

The perfect service for architects working on anything from simple mid-tier homes to luxury residential properties and everything in between.

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Precise Lidar Scan-to-Plan Solutions

Our advanced Lidar Scan-to-Plan solutions offer unparalleled precision ensuring accurate measured drawings or as-builts in either a BIM model or CAD file
By harnessing the power of Lidar technology, we guarantee detailed site data that streamlines your process and eliminates guesswork allowing you to make better informed design decisions all the while impressing your clients with stunning presentations.

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Cutting Costs

By partnering with OrderPlans, clients can tap into our advanced architectural solutions that streamline project workflows, reducing both time and resource wastage. Our expertise in Lidar Scan-to-Plan technology not only ensures precision but also eliminates costly errors, leading to substantial savings in project budgets.

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Trimming Timelines

With OrderPlans at your side, project timelines are significantly shortened thanks to our efficient and innovative architectural solutions. Our advanced Lidar Scan-to-Plan approach accelerates the launch of a project allowing your firm to enter the design and planning phases significantly faster, ensuring projects move from conception to completion in record time. 

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Maximizing Returns

Leveraging OrderPlans' state-of-the-art Lidar scan-to-plan solutions frees up invaluable man hours to help you focus on your core competencies, such as design and project management. This streamlined approach can lead to faster project turnaround times, as our team can efficiently gather data and create accurate drawings and provide stunning ancillary deliverables very early in the process that can be shared with your stakeholder. 

What would you do with an extra 20 – 30+ of newly found hours per project?

Architects Helping Architects

After 20 years of being in the residential and commercial architectural space as business owners ourselves, we have walked in your shoes and intimately know the issues of getting a project off the ground.

If you allow us, we’d love to help you achieve a level of precision and efficiency previously unimaginable with the old and worn-out methods of yesteryear at price points that you just can’t turn down.

If we could help you elevate the quality of your existing condition capture on any sized project, trim your delivery timelines, return 20 – 30+ man-hours per project back to your team, and boost client satisfaction, then wouldn’t it make sense to start a conversation with us?

Architects Helping Architects

Our Services

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Empowering Architectural Excellence through Collaborative Effort

Equipped with a dedicated team of in-house architects, project managers, field experts, and cutting-edge technology, OrderPlans is committed to enhancing the industry by assisting fellow professionals in delivering an unparalleled client experience. By collaborating with us, firms can optimize the deployment of their existing staff, ensuring efficiency and maximizing returns, all while maintaining the integrity of client relationships.

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